New Road Entrance into
Hatcher Garden

New Entry into
Hatcher Garden

New Spartanburg Regional Foundation Children's Gazebo

The New Hatcher Garden Road Entrance
It started with a drawing....
and an announcement at the 2017 Twilight in the Garden about a new road entry into the garden with the road widened to three lanes and bookended with beautiful stone walls with the Hatcher Garden logo upon it. Plans were disclosed that the parking lot would be adjusted as well with a possible turnabout.

The dream is completed
The stone walls were completed by Twilight in the Garden 2018, and the powdered coated logo was added in mid September. Plantings will complete the renovation of the entrance. The road into the garden will be widened to three lanes to allow bettter traffic flow. Thanks to Roebuck Landscaping for their beautiful work!

In early March, preparations were underway for the new construction with the removal of the hellebores, hostas and other plants which were part of the Roadside Beautification project. Some of the hellebores and hostas were settled near the Mary Black Foundation Woodland Trail underneath the post with the letter "H" on it.

Bigger trees and shrubs were moved as well from the front to other parts of the garden. Later in March, once all the plants were removed, the foundation was dug, cement poured and the wall structure was built with cement blocks. Below are some pictures of the stone work being added to the walls.

Week ending April 21st

Week ending April 28th

Week ending September 21st

The New Entry into Hatcher Garden
Everything old is new again. Years ago, there were several entrances into the garden from the parking lot. There was the main entrance through the arbor, with a climbing rose growing on it, and two paths on each side, one on the left beside the Jess Taylor Pavilion and the other on the right which descended into the garden by passing the Butterfly Garden. When the perennial garden switchback was paved to allow easier access for our handicapped visitors, the path on the left beside the Jess Taylor Pavilion was made the main entrance, with the arbor entry and path on the right beside the butterfly garden closed off with a fence and plantings. When it was decided to renovate the entry into the garden, the arbor was torn down and replaced with the newly designed entry. Ground was broke the first week in April and the foundation for the pillars laid. The stone clad pillars are surmounted by a wooden roof similar to the roof of the Pavilion in the Garden of Hope & Healing. Wedged between the two side pillars are low benches. At its base is a brick floor which extends out like a tongue into the parking lot. The mission rock which was introduced to the garden last year near the Jesse Taylor Pavilion was moved a couple yards to greet visitors as they walk through the new entry. The new entry into the garden is in the same place the old arbor entry was. the beautiful new entry was completed in time for Twilight in the Garden 2018. Below is a progression of the construction of the new entry into Hatcher Garden. Once again thanks to Roebuck Landscaping for their beautiful work!

Digging the foundation

Stone applied to the pillars

The roof is same design as Pavilion

Pillars come out of molds

Bench nestled between the two pillars

Mission statement rock moved here

Pillars free of molds, ready for stone

Pillars complete, awaiting the roof

The brick "tongue" into the parking lot

The Spartanburg Regional Foundation Children's Gazebo
Located deep in the garden, opposite the Turtle Pond on the Thomas W. Bartram Trail, the Spartanburg Regional Foundation Children's Gazebo was recently completed in late May 2018. Construction of the gazebo began in mid April. With its completion, we have another place that can be used for future classes and activities for children, as well as a quiet place to look down into the garden. A small boardwalk with railing leads to the gazebo from the paved Bartram Trail. Below are pictures of the progression of the construction of the beautiful new gazebo.

week ending April 15th - the base

week ending April 28th - basic structure completed

week ending April 21st - the structure arises

week ending May 5th - roof completed

In early July, a Little Free Library was installed at the Children's Gazebo. Built and donated by the Cadette Girl Scout Troop 2678, the Little Free Library holds books for children to borrow and return. With subjects about nature, the books are available both in English and en Español. Its Charter number is 49409. Our library is one of twelve in the City of Spartanburg. For more information about the Little Free Library, click here.

On Saturday, July 28th, Wild Birds Unlimited of Spartanburg sponsored a community project of installing several beautiful biird feeders near the gazebo for children to observe birds. They also built bluebird birdhouses and installed them around Hatcher Garden, with one being placed on a tree near the gazebo. Many thanks to Wild Birds Unlimted Nature Shop for this generous project and their continued support of Hatcher Garden.

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